Business Process Outsourcing

Organizations expect more today from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) than traditional low-cost transaction processing.

We provide all the advantages, choices and services mentioned. Plus, a full spectrum of training, follow-up and development assistance. All at very competitive rates.

Companies need to evaluate their business processes and not only identify the right ones to outsource, but also determine the delivery model that will best support these (identified) processes.

A strategic assessment of business processes, covering the above objectives, provides a solid foundation for a sourcing strategy. The results of the assessment provide the customer with a high-level outsourcing and site potential analysis, which can be used to determine which processes will be outsourced, in what order, and in what manner.

To fully assess a customer's situation, Aminno Soft analysts consult with the customer about various factors, such as the organization's objectives, legal and physical constraints, personnel issues, and the significance of these factors to each process. In addition, the maturity of the process is considered to determine the ideal outsourced location.

AMINNO SOFT® provides a full spectrum of BPO Services, broadly classified into the following areas:

  • Administration

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Payment and Collection Services

  • Distribution Services

  • Sales/Logistics

  • Customer Care, Telemarketing and IT Helpdesk

  • Transaction Processing

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