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One can search his/her dream home plans from an extensive range of beautiful/vastu complaint house designs plans. Here we Aminno Properties provide customized designs as per the requirement of our clients.
We offer a huge variety of plans with neat, beautiful layouts, working drawings which has elegant, classy attractive, colorful, smart, styled and beautiful home plans, designed by many of our architects who has achieved the name and fame in the world of Architecture and Engineering.And henceforth our site to make your dreams come true on very reasonable rates determining your price range. Excellent collection of Residential House Plans, Modern House plans, Bunglow House Plans, Building Construction plans, Building Regulation, Duplex House Plan, Building Layout plan ect.,

We Sai Visag have immense respect Vaastu shastra which provides us with the guidelines for all our planning processes from the selection of site to the construction of building along with orientation of rooms and the restrictions or pssage of various natural elements like light, winds, etc.
This in turn is related to enhancement of the health, wealth, prosperity , success and happiness oc our beloved customers.
The optimum use of Vaastu concepts can help one achieve an atmosphere at home that is physically comfortable, emotional soothing and intellectually vibrant.


We Aminno Properties draft your dream home. Through our House Designs (Modern, Luxury, Interior and Structural) you can search your dream home from an extensive range of beautiful house designs, exclusively designed by our professionals. All designs are prepared with detailed construction drawings and estimates keeping in consideration the standards, bye-laws, norms and earthquake resistance etc. Vaastu is the ancient Indian science that works on the principle of Panchbhootas, a term referring to the five basic elements of the universe: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Vaastu is the science that attempts to achieve a synergy across all the five elements in such a way that the abode becomes favorable to its inhabitants. We combine vaastu and the latest Trends in the architectural and interior design with our designing synonymous with the fashion world. Comfort relaxation and continuity are key element in our current design trends.The objective of Vaastu is to achieve a perfect sense of balance between humans and nature.

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