Background and History

With solid experience in Education/ Training/Development/Outsourcing, Aminno Soft has long established itself as a global learning solutions provider.

Since the company’s founding in 2009, Aminno Soft has established itself as one of the top IT services and consulting companies worldwide. Over the past year, we have witnessed periods of success, challenge and reappraisal.

Our long-term growth and the accompanying expansion of our service offering have relied on internal evolutions and organic expansion.

Aminno Soft has come a long way since that time and has maintained its momentum and achieved several milestones. The history of Aminno Soft demonstrates our resilience and readiness to take on challenges and emerge successful in all situations.

Aminno Soft continues to strategically invest in expanding its global footprint to provide the benefits of a true global sourcing solution to its clients. We have been providing expert solutions for serving the needs of multiple verticals. Continuous investment over the years in acquiring contemporary infrastructure, latest technology and expertise has provided us with a leading edge in the IT industry.

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