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We would like to give brief introduction of Aminno Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our core strength is to work with as many as good resources in more collaborative manner to run with excellence. Here we explain in brief so that it gives a meaningful idea towards the working understandings of Aminno Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Aminno Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. company registered in November 2009. Aminno Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO: 9001:2008 certified.

We pooled up our network connections and started facilitating in the areas of Outsourcing, Training, Consulting and Technology. Aminno Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will work and explore the given opportunity to execute with the given collaboration to its best.

Aminno Software Technology Pvt. Ltd., is a leading Outsourcing, Training, Consulting and Technologies Company

Outsourcing : A leader in providing business process outsourcing solutions, Aminno Soft® develops fully integrated solutions for almost all industry verticals such as insurance, healthcare, banking, manufacturing industries, training Solutions, IT industries, among many more.

Training : We provide all the advantages, choices and services mentioned. Plus, a full spectrum of training, follow-up and development assistance. All at very competitive rates. We offer Candidates to a result oriented individual with a zeal to achieve and capable of performing in high pressure environment.

Consulting : Aminno Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Consultancy specializes in providing services in the field of Enterprise Business Solutions, Internet Technologies and Higher-end technology Solutions.

Technologies : Innovate to Master Your IT Environment, Industry analysts have long recognized the exceptional technological expertise. From application integration to web services, our innovative services consistently exceed expectations across industries. We offer access to cutting-edge technologies through industry-specific partnerships and global alliances. With our Accelerated Solutions Environment, RApid INnovation methodology and global network of Accelerated Delivery Centers, we dramatically reduce the time required to execute your IT strategy.

Aminno Soft® strategy is to offer clients partial or comprehensive solution that evolves into an effective and efficient tool to achieve the goals in a given field of training, Outsourcing, Consultancy, Technology. We have a large pool of highly skilled consultants for all your IT needs. Our proactive approach to recruiting ensures "Highest Quality".

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